"SKÅL" (pronounced skoal) is the Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish word for “cheers” or “in good health.” It’s a salute, a toast, to an admired person or group. Growing up in a Danish family, this salute was employed often and with great heart, whenever the family would gather around the table for a meal. It was a verbal reminder -- whatever was going on in the world, this was what mattered. What was in front of us, family and friends. Community. A meal shared.

The attitude at SKÅL is the same. I approach my work with a sense of thankfulness, but also vigor and a sincere motivation to do the best possible job I can. SKÅL STUDIO was birthed out of a desire to make good things for good people. Whether it’s a simple coaster set, a custom picture frame, or a sectional home remodel, the goal of SKÅL is to do good work that will last over time.